PAGE TWO - animal poems                                                               


You saw me getting weary and knew I’d never be
Well again and strong, so master you could see
You had to do the kindest thing the best that you could do
Even though it meant that I would soon be leaving you.

I know that it took courage but you would not see me suffer
With heavy heart you said to me goodbye
You were a special person that came into my life
We cared for one another you and I

So now I’ve gone and I’m afraid I’ve left a great big hole
In the life for seventeen years we shared
But know that I am strong and happy in my new abode
Remembering the way you always cared

And some day, but a long time hence, we will meet once more
And though your heart is now so full of pain
You’ll call Tag, I will be waiting, wagging of my tail
And I’m sure we’ll be united once again,


Two little frogs in the garden one day
Whilst the humans were gone they were making hay
While the shone down on the seat for two
And Timothy frog knew just what to do
He hopped off the bench and went down on his knee
He said to frog ‘Myrtle will you marry me?’
She sighed and she swooned as frogs often do
And said’ I didn’t know you were going to woo
But I’m glad that you are and of course I will
Be your bride and of course we will have our fill
Of doing what all married froggy’s do
And have some baby tadpoles, will that suit you?'
He said that it would and with a big smile
Said he’d be a good husband all the while
And he was until the day when a chef came out
He saw poor Timothy and gave a shout
‘Frogs legs we’ll have on the menu tonight.’
And poor old Timothy got such a fright
And he got the chop and was legless now
But he managed to waddle on home somehow
And Myrtle was shocked and said ‘oh goodness me
I hope your legs choke the one that has them for tea.’
And she patted his head and said ‘there there there.
Don’t worry a jot cause I’ll take good care
Of you never fear, for I love you so.
I’ll get you some crutches and then you can go
Out with your pals as you always did before
I’ll finish this tale now, can’t think of any more!!



We found a little puppy dog

Bedraggled and forlorn

He surely looked to us as if

he wished he’d not been born.

He was dirty and so tatty

He ponged a lot it’s true

But his little tail was wagging

And we knew what to do

We bathed him and then dried him

His coat was silky soft

We made a meal with bread and milk

Which he quickly scoffed

We called him Tommy a lovely name

Which he quickly grew to know

So when we called him up he’d bound

But blimey……. did he grow

He ate us out of house and home

His paws were big like him

He dug huge holes in flower beds

His growls and barks were grim

I think he is a cross between

Newfoundland and Great Dane

Having him turned out to be

Quite a massive pain

We had to move, a bigger house

No neighbours either side

And soon he was quite big enough

To give the kids a ride

But we all loved him so were stuck

Tommy reined supreme

Then I awoke…… thank goodness

It had just been a bad dream !!!.





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