In the misty moon lit night

In the orchard by the house

Quietly oh so quietly

Creeps a tiny little mouse

He scampers round without a care

Eating apples lying there


In the hedge crouching low

Twitching whiskers, trembling so

Eyes shine bright, nerves so tight

For his prey waits in the night.

Cat pounces where the apples lay

Afterwards he slinks away

Through the avenues of corn

To reach his home before the morn


But little tiny mouse alas

Not any more this way he’ll pass.




Cowboy Joe had a horse called Dolly

He rode it round the town every day

The poor thing was old and to keep it was folly

But Joe loved that old nag come what may.

‘Get rid of it Joe,  to the knackers yard’

All his pals pleaded so with him

If the Indians come you won’t have a chance

You’re Dolly is past it, and  what is more she’s dim.

‘Leave her alone,’ Cowboy Joe then replied

‘She’s been with me for many a  long year’

But I have to admit that she is getting slow

So I may have to shoot her  soon I fear.’

Now Dolly heard this and she whinnied loud in fright

And she wondered what ever she could do

So she got out of her stable later that night

Something she was later to rue

She looked all around for a place that she could hide

And saw a builders yard just near by

She spied a place that looked nice and comfortable so

She climbed in so down she could lie.

But when she was asleep, some stones they were tipped

Into that container weighed a ton!

And then the men who’d dumped them left for supper,

Now that their delivery job was  done.

So poor Dolly was buried underneath  those stones

And I’m afraid  alas  they killed her outright.

And of course Cowboy Joe out looking for her now

Hadn’t a clue about poor Dolly’s plight.

Later that week a man cleared all those stones

When a blood curdling yell he let rip.

‘Send for Cowboy Joe,’ he cried, oh what a shock

 As they found his poor horse in the skip




I am a cat a very fine cat

Although my legs are three

I lost my other leg last year

T’was trapped beneath a tree

The tree fell down and squashed me flat

One very windy day

My leg was trapped alas but

The rest of me got away

I was sore for quite a while

And I got spoiled a lot

Sat on my velvet cushion

I didn’t care a jot

Although my wound was painful

It soon was right as rain

And as I hop along these days

I don’t feel any pain

So yes I am a lucky cat

I lived to see the day

And I’ve another eight lives left

So I’m happy every way.

So if you ever see me

Don’t feel sad I pray

I am a fine and happy cat

And that’s all I can say.








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