A little child looked up at me with eyes so shiny bright

His face was filled with wonder and he laughed with great delight

In my arms I held his gift from our family and yet

It was something he had wanted but not dared to hope he’d get

I’d asked his mum before hand, if indeed it was allowed

She’d thought a bit and then she said, her head so sadly bowed

His daddy would have bought it for him Christmastime this year

But as he’s not here I thank you, it is something we’ll hold dear.


I placed into that small child’s arms a wriggling little puppy

Who looked up then and licked his face and it made that child so happy

I’ll call him Ben the boy then said, that was my daddy’s name

He won’t mind me calling my new doggie just the same


My daddy’s up in heaven he went up there last week

But Ben will now look after us, his mother looked so bleak

But thank you both she said to us for bringing such great joy

For giving such a lovely present, to my little boy.



Christmas comes but once a year

And when it comes it brings good cheer

If only that could be applied

To everyone the whole world wide

Sadly though this is not true

It may be right for me and you

But what about folks in Iraq

(and soldiers who will ne’er come back

In Palestine and other places?

War torn cities, worried faces

Families just ripped apart

Kids wiped out, where to start

Mothers’ searches just begun

Looking hopelessly for one

Child or husband, father mother

Her family, sister or brother

Is she the only one who’s left?

All alone and so bereft

This carnage just goes on and on

These stupid battles can’t be won

How do they cope these wretched folk?

Whose homes have all gone up in smoke

What have they left what can they do?

It’s quite all right for me and you

We sit at home all snug and warm

Loved ones seldom come to harm

We send these greetings in our card

And this is what I find so hard

When will the politicians hear?

The Christmas message oh so clear


And stop these futile wars, and then

Maybe some day we’ll all unite

One Merry, Happy Christmas night.

That’s’ all I want for Christmas

It’s a wish I hold most dear


And no more wars to fear.




The gifts are under the Christmas tree

The lights are twinking bright

And very soon Santa will call

I’m sure on Christmas night


His coming is a secret

Whilst children are asleep

He comes across the sky so high

And they sometimes try to peep


To see if they can catch him

But no they never do

See him bearing all is presents

In a sack for me and you



My thoughts are quite nostalgic

Every Christmas morn

Remembering those we loved and lost

And the sadness we have borne

But happy times replace the sad

With greetings from far and wide

Bringing thoughts of peace and hope

To us at Christmas tide





There was an eerie silence all around

The snow lay very thick upon the ground

And from the bedroom window I did spy

A trail of footprints yet I wondered why

Then I remembered just what they must mean

That dear old Santa had slipped in unseen

Leaving lots of presents in the children’s sacks

The snow was quickly covering Santa’s tracks

I knew that he’d been left a luxury mince pie

To prove he’d really flown through the night sky

Next morn the children woke with great delight

And rushed to see what Santa brought them in the night

And as they opened up their gifts with glee

We all sang carols underneath the tree.



 I saw Santa clause last night

I saw him plain as plain

As I sat up in my bed

through the window pane


I saw his sleigh and reindeer

I’m sure I saw him wave

I heard him laughing Ho Ho Ho

As  his reins he gave

A flick and up they soared so high

And disappeared into the sky





The scarlet berries are on the Holly

It seems so long ago

That Christmas last was with us

And Jack Frost said hello

The trees are bare in winter

And the birds are cold and wet

They look so sad the poor things

Miserable and yet

Just around the corner

Spring will then appear

Then us and all the birds and bees

And animals will cheer!                        









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