It was Halloween and a cold misty night

A time in the evening when all bats take flight

Erie and scary the children were grouping

Some of them laughing and others were whooping

And I ventured out on my nightly walk

All on my own and with no-one to talk

When suddenly there at the end of the street

Merged in the blackness with only his feet

Showing and maybe a cloak and a hat

I looked, and was sure I could just make out that

The tall form in front of me was a vampire

It made my heart beat and my forehead perspire

What could I do and where could I run?

I wished I had stayed in, it wasn’t much fun

But as I drew nearer trembling and shaking

Even the bones in my body were quaking

He opened his mouth, blood dripping I’m sure

Held out his hands crying, now give me more

Trick or treats lady, tonight’s Halloween

So I gave him my Mars Bar, I wasn’t mean.


 It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween

I’m not sure what that does mean

It’s eerie and

It’s scary

Pumpkin eyes all glow

Look what a wicked smile they have

I’m frightened too and so

I’ll go with my big sister

She’ll  look after me

Except she’s like a wicked witch

Cackling and see

My brother he’s a skeleton

He’s shining in the dark

I’m shivering and quivering

Dare not go near the park

There’s ghoulies there and ghosties

They might jump out on me

But sister says she’ll hold my hand

As we go after tea

To knock on doors

And trick or treat

I don’t quite understand

I’m shaking and I’m quaking

I grab my brother’s hand

Come on he says, knocks at the door

Trick or treat he squeaks

And the lady  standing there

And gives us lots of sweets

I’m  grasping that it’s not so bad

The next house where we call

The man who answers grins at us

Invites us in his hall.

He gives us all a handful

Of chocolate and candy

Lucky that my sister has

a shopping bag quite handy

I like it now cos I’m an imp

In a red suit and

Now I don’t need to any more

Hold anybody’s hand

I prance about and laugh and shout

And then too soon they said

Time to go back home now

It’s time you were in bed.



                                                                                           The night was dark, foggy and quiet

Full of mysterious creaks and groans

Lots of eerie laughter and moans

And clanking chains and rattling bones


The swirling mist was grey and thick

Stifling dankness all around

Muffled footseteps on the ground

But Boris didn’t make a sound


He shuffled down the grimy street

Big wide grin upon his face

Fast he ran as in a race

Cobwebs covered him like lace


Spiders ran into his ears

Earwigs creeping up his nose

Wriggly worms between his toes

Where was he going do you suppose?


Going to join the ghosties and ghoulies

All together on Halloween night

They’ll give the children a terrible fright

Then suddenly they’ll all disappear from sight.


Bonfire night is in full swing

With Fire works galore

Rockets, Roman candles

And bangers by the score

Little children’s faces

Light up with all the joy

Happiness is in the hearts

Of every girl and boy

But all that money going to waste

The prices are sky high

despite financial crisis

Folks still afford to buy

But think of all the starving children

Famine, floods and quakes

Money needed desperately

For all these peoples sakes

World crisis so they said today

Bankrupt countries more and more

People here all grumbling

They’ve never been so poor

And yet to look around me

And see these big diplays

On Bonfire night in every street

It leaves me in a daze

I wish the ones that have the cash

Would think of those so poor

Instead of buying fireworks

Would help charities lots more

Just me and my thoughts on this

I wouldn’t want to spoil their bliss.







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