Through the open door I glimpsed a heaven here on earth

which conjured up a picture in my mind

of how we one day pass, from this world to the next

a nicer thought of this I could not find


A place where all our loved ones who have gone before

are waiting there with open arms and love

a garden filled with flowers where the sun will always shine

with animals to welcome us and bird song up above


A garden of Eden that God’s fashioned for us there

Where all our ills and troubles disappear

and though we’ll leave behind, our loved ones here on earth

we’ll know that we have nothing more to fear.


And for those we leave behind grieving as they do

I’m sure that we’ll watch over them again

helping them to cope once more in their daily lives

 to come to terms and conquer all their pain.


For life goes on for all of us it has to that we know

but what a lovely thought to keep in store

that when the time comes as it will, for us to enter in

That garden we call heaven and to see them all once more


No don’t look back you have travelled on your road

facing things so terrible and born a heavy load

that is in the past now the futures looking bright

and the goal you set yourself is coming into sight

so don’t look back leave that all behind

a lovely future waits for you ones thats good and kind

then soon I hope you will forget the pains you had to bear

Don’t look back, look forward and soon you will be there.




If you wish when a shooting star you see

And hope and pray that it will then come true

if the things you wished for are for others

to help them in their pain and not for you

 If all the things you wished for came to pass

And made you happy knowing this was true

And seeing joy in the face of someone

And able in their pleasure to share too

 If you could make these wishes every night

Asking for and praying for world peace

If shooting stars rained down with all their might

And you could wish that all the wars would cease

 Then everyone would feel safe and secure

     And we’d not need  stars to wish on any more.



 MY LIFE (for Tan)

 (Written for a dear friend who has been so ill)


My life I think I will get back again

And though it’s been a long and stony road

I’m hoping now that I’ll be free from pain

And that I can just shed my weary load


That God has taken care of me I’m sure

And shown the doctors all just what to do

And though last time it was a touch and go

I stuck it and thank goodness I came through


And now I’m going to start to live once more

And do the things I’ve longed to do again

I’ll face the future as I faced the past

And know my struggles have not been in vain                                      

 So as each day new strength I start to gain

My life I’ll know I have got back again




I often pray in bad times in my life

And ask him please to show me what to do

and always he has helped me in my plight

and deep within my heart his love shone through

  and yet when things are going right for me

and this I’m sad and so ashamed to say to say

I carry on regardless in my life

And sadly then, why I forget to pray

 For I should thank and praise him this I know

I realised this today when in great pain

asked him once more what I now should do

Yes I began to pray to him again

 I selfishly will not just ask him now

I will give thanks for all his help I vow


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