There’s ne’er a river so deep

As the love that I have for you

Nor a mountain so high

that I wouldn’t climb for you too

the reward that I get every day

is knowing that you feel this way

and the smile in your eyes

that comes from your heart

tells me more than words could e’er say




I sometimes rest and close my eyes and think of long ago

And I remember happily the way I loved him so

When we were young and carefree

And every day was bliss

The way he always held my hand

The way we used to kiss


And then my thoughts will take a turn and I think of my two boys

And of my little daughter her charm and gentle ploys

And when they grew as children do

and soon became teen age

taxiing became the norm

.......And adolescent rage!


I never seemed to have much time to sit and just take ease

I was cooking, baking, cleaning or trying to appease

Then they left home one by one

And I felt so bereft

And soon there was an empty house

With me and him just left


And then he went and I became a solitary soul

Lots of time I had back then for I didn’t have a goal

Then I met my saviour Sam

I started life anew

And now I can relax a lot

He’s lovely, I'll tell you !


For now we have a restful life, a life filled with delight

No rushing to please other folks or driving out at night

We come and go just as we please,

 like we couldn’t do before

And I can say that with each day

I love life more and more


I never have relaxed as much as the way that I do now

I can’t imagine life back then it’s like a dream somehow

I’d say to every body

If you’re happy and content

Then just relax and take your ease

And find it's time well spent



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