I gazed with tears upon my cheek and sighed

An accident had brought this to my sight

I found this relic wedged behind a draw

An old forgotten memory brought to light

Now brown with age and curling at the edge

yet still I saw the likeness there portrayed

How could I not remember that dear face?

When long ago for his return I’d prayed

They say that passing time makes you forget

It heals the wounds that go so very deep

And this is true but I had tucked away

a memory I thought I’d always keep

This photograph from times when I was young

My first love lost when life had just begun




For those that hold their heads up high
When other folk may scorn
And make some lonely people wish
They never had been born
It’s not been easy, no it’s not
So hard has been the road
With no one else to take the strain
To help or ease the load
But you have done it yes you have
You’re at the peak once more
and now you might find fortune comes
a knocking at your door
You are a winner ,well done you
I’m proud to say your name
And count you as a friend because
You played and won the game



He thought he was so wonderful
And thought his friends did too
He sneered and grumbled if he thought
They should or should not do
Things that he himself disliked
Only he could be so right
But they said things about him
When he was out of sight
He realized then that often
Behind their hands they laughed
And which often left him feeling
Really rather daft

He turned to his best friend and said
I simply don’t know why
Some say that I’m a blinking snob 
He heaved a great big sigh
His friend said if the cap fits wear it
That’s all I can say
All we can hope for really is
That you will change one day

He thought about this hard and long
What cap am I then wearing?
He realized and changed his ways
Stopped his whines and glaring
Stopped thinking he was the best thing
That ever had been born
Smiled a lot instead of always
Looking so forlorn

And now he is so happy
That he’s one of the crowd
And knows full well that definitely
Snobbery’s not allowed.



Happiness is 
When your child looks up 
and says I love you mum. 
Happiness is
a loving touch 
or a smile from anyone. 
Happiness is 
a clean bill of health 
When you‘ve been really ill. 
When you know you have a future 
And know you can now fulfill 
the dreams and hopes you always had, 
that you had to put on hold. 
And Happiness is
when the homeless 
can come inside from the cold.
Happiness is 
a life fulfilled 
With all that you ever planned 
And when you sometimes stumbled 
you received a helping hand. 
Happiness is
many different things 
to everyone it’s true. 
But my happiness my darling is
that I belong to you.




He sat in his armchair his eyes on the box
He had crumbs on his shirt and holes in his sock
He sat there all day and he sat there all night
Old Joe Bloggs was a terrible sight
His wife brought his breakfast
His lunch and his dinner
Whilst he grew fat
The poor thing grew thinner
She vacuumed around him
She nattered all day
But he wouldn’t budge
He would not move away
He watched BBC and ITV too
He had a small telly installed in the loo
He had Sky and Freeview
More programmes to see
And if his wife grumbled
Said ‘just let me be’
He was an addict of that I am sure
No one would phone him 
Or come to his door
Then one night quite early
While watching ‘Today’
He switched the TV off
And then passed away.



It stood there on the table. empty
And she couldn’t believe her eyes
Scones she’d baked that morning
Had gone, oh what a surprise

She called the children in one by one
And said now just own up
But the scones had been stolen they found out 
By that naughty little pup

He’d jumped on a chair to the table
And scoffed from the plate all the lot
And then run into the garden
And hid behind a large pot

Come here you naughty puppy
He slunk in through the door
His head hanging low as was his tail
As he crawled along the floor

His tummy was quite swollen
And I don’t think he felt very well
He looked so sad they couldn’t be cross
He’d not do it again, they could tell.





She had been a wicked person
and done such nasty things
Taken what she always could 
and grabbed what money brings
Now she was disillusioned 
Was weary to the bone
Wished that she could take right back
The bad things she had done
When no one wanted her again
She’d no friends left,oh no
She didn’t know now what to do
Or where on earth to go
So she decided to go home
And although t’was many a mile
When she got back there was such love
There in her mother’s smile

She opened arms so wide and said
‘I’m so glad that you’re here
I’ve missed you so my darling
You have nothing now to fear
You can start again my love
Start to do what’s right.’
They talked and talked for all that day
And well into the night

‘I’m sorry Mum’ she said to her
‘For the trouble that I brought
But one thing I have learned from this
Not something I’ve been taught
Is this, that where I’ve been till now
You’ve waited all this while
I know that you still love me Mum
It’s there right in your smile.’



She was a widow in house with a garden
Who looked out of the window one day
The garden was in such a terrible state
But not always had it been that way

Her husband had been a keen gardener
He had tended the plants with great care
Mown the lawn and weeded and planted
But now she was filled with despair

What can I do, she wondered
For I don’t want to leave this place 
And she gazed still out of the window
As tears ran down her sad face

The sun was shining the sky was blue
The birds they sung in the trees
The roses still bloomed in the harbour
The trees shook in the gentle breeze

He loved this garden my Jim did
And look at it now it’s a mess
And she shook her head in sadness
I’ll have to do something I guess.

So she looked in the yellow pages
And picked out a nursery to phone
I need a gardener please she said
I can’t manage it all on my own

Next day a man called, said ‘right missus
Where would you like me to start?’
‘We’ll soon have your garden shipshape again.’
And she felt a lurch in her heart

To watch someone else in Jim’s garden
Was nearly too much to bear
And she went and spoke to his photo
My love, I hope you don’t care

Then she seemed to hear him reply to her
‘Don’t be daft love you’ve done the right thing
It had to be done and I certainly know the garden
Much pleasure to you it will bring.’

And soon the gardener had finished
The garden looked lovely again
She was pleased she had taken the step that she had
Even though it had brought her much pain.

So the gardener called every week after that
She got used to him being around
As she sat there with the sweet smell of flowers
contentment she again found.



I can remember the first job I had
When I was so young and shy
An office junior straight out of school
And I wondered just how I’d get by
So many things to remember
trying to get them all right
And when the bosses spoke to me
I was usually filled with fright
I was so naive in those days
And wouldn’t say boo, no not me
Did all that was asked without a complaint
Running errands and making the tea
But as time went by and I learned the ‘ropes’
I began to enjoy my work
I did many things that were asked of me
And my duties I never would shirk
then came the day when I saw the ‘boss’
And he beamed at me and said
'I want you to be our receptionist.'
And he patted me on my head
He gave me a lovely new office
And a switchboard, the latest thing
So I greeted all that rang or called
Until that is..... I got my ‘ring’
Engagement and then a wedding
so then I began a new life
In a lovely new house, I stayed at home
Now that I was somebody’s wife
I later became a mummy
A lovely, beautiful role
To make all my family happy
and contented ,that was my role.
But now, in my twilight years, you might say.
I’m as happy as ever I was.
Writing my poems and stories
On this forum IDF because
I’ve made so many wonderful friends
And that for now’s where my story ends.



I never have met a dragon
Wouldn’t want to cos I’d be afraid
I’d have to have a shiny knight
With a sword, to do as I bade

To save me (if I was a maiden)
As in the stories of yore
But dragons don’t exist,( I think!)
So I’m told,..... not any more!

They were fearsome things
That lived in caves
Breathed fire were horrid and scary
And every time in adventure tales
Knight of old, they had to be wary

So I’m glad that I won’t see a dragon
Very please they’re no longer around
And this footprint that is in my garden
the big one that’s etched in the ground

Can’t belong to a dragon
If it is I won’t go to bed
Cos all these scary thoughts of them
Will go round and round in my head

Who was it that said it’s a dragon?
My dad, said no it is not
Dragons don’t exist anymore
And that my friends were just talking rot.’

I think they were trying to scare me
So I won’t take any notice today
I’m going to meet them all again now
And find a different game to play

Me don’t like them!!!)



We often have a dark cloud hanging overhead
And wishing we could make it go away
Wondering whatever should we do.
And hoping soon we’ll see a better day

We all of us had had a cross to bear
and some are much worse than ours its true
When we know not which way we can turn
Hoping we’ll have guidence what to do

But then one day the dark cloud seems to lift
We see our way and life is not so bad
We can think and do what we must do
We know full well that we’re not going mad

There is a clearing and the sun shines through
It did for me, I hope it does for you.



There’s unrest all over the village
Something is causing unrest
Storm clouds are gathering....... so they say
People do not feel their best

There’s a muttering in the crowds
As they meet in the village inn
Who will be their spokes person
And where should they begin?

They are going to build some new houses
Cut down some trees.... so they say
Peter the postman heard about this
At the big house just yesterday

The squire has sold a lot of his fields
To a builder from out of town
He’s short of cash.....or so they say
And they’re pulling some cottages down

What can we do the villagers cried?
Nothing will stop them now
Get up a petition, we don’t know what else
our MP might show us how

The plans are passed.....or so they say
So we’ll have to accept it I fear
And they all sat down looking ever so sad
And some of them cried in their beer.

The storm clouds are gathering builders are here
But it will bring new they say
But our village will not be the same again
Progress has made us all pay.


Travelling Light


A man he just got out of Jail

And he was all alone

No one there to care for him

No one he could phone

And so he wandered down the road

And as he went he sang

I wish I’d never been inside

Or met up with that gang



Travelling light, oh travelling light
Along this lonely trail
I’m feeling very hungry

I’ve just got out of jail

I’d love a cup of kindness
To help me in my plight
But until I meet someone
I’m just travelling light

Ten long years I spent in jail
For a crime I did not do
I lost all my family
most of my good friends too

So now I’m travelling onwards
I hope I do not fail
To meet up with a buddy soon
Along this lonely trail

Travelling light oh travelling light
Along this lonely trail
And as I journey on I wish
That I was back in Jail.



Some folks in life live life to the full
Dashing and rushing in all that they do
Never a minute to just take a breath
They make themselves ill with it too
But as they grow older and slow down a bit
They realize that sometimes they missed
Little things that seemed of no use at all
and then perhaps they have wished
That they had gone in the slow lane
Taken their time more each day
Put off the things ‘til tomorrow
That they couldn’t fit in today
But you can’t put old heads on young shoulders
And we have to ourselves find out 
That to take our lives at a slower pace
can be better without any doubt.



The air was warm, the moon was out
As they met one night at a village dance
They waltzed and tangoed all night long
The scene was set for a fine romance

He asked her out and she said yes
They saw each other for a year
They fell in love and he proposed
She said yes to her love so dear

They were wed in the village church
And their friends gathered all around
And as they went on their honeymoon
The bells tolled out their joyous sound

They flew to Benidorm oh what bliss
He said tonight we are as one.
And as he gave her one more kiss
They walked towards the setting sun


Amanda gazed in the mirror and cried
‘Mum is this really me?’
Her mother behind her smiled and said
Who else do you think you see?
She wiped a tear from her eye and then
Hugged her lovely daughter so close
‘I must not cry on your wedding morn
So will I do, so you suppose?’
And they smiled at one another
as dad came into the room.
‘Are you ready to go my princess?
I’ve to deliver you safe to your groom.’
And the time passed then like a dream
All too soon it was done
Everyone enjoyed the wedding
And in the family they had a new son
So they went home tired but full of delight
Rejoicing in every way 
They were happy to know it had all worked out right
It had been such a beautiful day


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