Life is like a carousel

 going round and round.

One day you feel in the air

then you’re on the ground.

Lovely when you’re happy,

dreadful when you’re sad.

Hoping that this time around

 things won’t be so bad.


Good job that we never know

 just what is in store!

Would we want to carry on

 if we knew the score?

Sometimes we can learn

through mistakes we make

And grasp blindly at the straws

 for someone else’s sake.


On the whole, in most folk’s lives,

 happy outweighs sad.

And we all can then enjoy

 the best times to be had.

But come what may we just go on,

the only thing we can

Because we, every one of us,

are part of God’s great plan.


Prancing, dancing round they go

Up and down and onward so

Children clinging on so tight

As the horses reach their height

Horses names like Bob and Dandy

Poles like barley sugar candy

Look at me oh look at me

Dipping rising full of glee

The Carousel a magic ride

Timeless as the ebbing tide






 WINTER CHILLS  (sonnet)


Winter chills will soon be with us now

When woolly scarves and hats come to the fore

And coughs and colds abound and chilblains too

With medications bought then for the cure


The scenery will often be so nice

With sparkling snow and icicles galore

But going out for us we must take care

As we can’t do with mishaps that’s for sure!


But lovely then to come back to the warmth

And make ourselves a lovely hearty meal

To warm us through and then sit by the fire

And great contentment then we can all feel


And in our lovely homes we feel secure

With friends and family who could ask for more?


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