Moonlight Tragedy

He was drawn by the moon to the waters edge
in the eerie silence he cried
Oh where is my true love where is she now?
and in the moonlight he spied
a damsel dancing mystical she
as the waters rippled and shone’
Oh where is my love he cried to the moon
where has my lover gone?
as the damsel dancing mystical she
and the waters rippled and shone

He knelt by the edge of the waters light
and he gazed in the depths below
and moaned as he realised his lover had gone
and the light on the water drew him so
as the damsel dancing mystical she
and the waters rippled and shone

and the moons clear light pulled him forward
aa into the waters he sank
and never a sound he uttered then
and never would he cry out again
as the damsel dancing mystical she
and the waters rippled and shone




Rambling rose
do you suppose
that your perfume's
Is your colour
deepest red
your open flower a vessel?
Do the bees all drink from you
your precious nectar sweet?
will you wilt or not I wonder
in this humid heat.
Rambling Rose
do you suppose
that your buds
I'll gather
To give to my fair maiden?
Or perhaps you'd rather
I would leave you here to bloom
as nature thus intended.
I think I will
so fare thee well
with thorns you're well defended!




                                                                             A cascade of colours I saw in a dream

Mist and gauzy they glowed with a sheen

But one that stood out to me from all the rest

The colour that I have always loved best -  was green.

The most beautiful shade of it I’d ever seen.

It glowed like the sea in a turbulent mood

It shone like the leaves on the trees

Wavering billowing before my eyes

Like the grasses that dance ore the leas

It merged with its partner a beautiful blue

Making Turquoises, striking in every hue

It wafted with yellow and shimmered and shone

And orange appeared just drifting along

in front of my eyes,  a glorious scene

But the best of them all, my favourite, was green.



© Pamela M Brooke



Blue skies

Babies’ eyes

Red noses

Lovely roses

Orange fruit

Carrot root

Purple dresses

Sometimes tresses

Pink flowers

Gardens bowers

Green frog

Moss on log

Rapeseed yields

Yellow fields







‘Are you here, are you here?’ he shouted, into the empty night

with worried frown he peered around in  the pale moon’s light

And with crackling leaves and branches on the hard frost ground

 ‘Neath his feet, he listened , to the night owls mournful sound

‘Are you there, are you there?’ he whispered; ‘Please say you are - and yet

‘Are you teasing, hiding, still playing hard to get?’

And his breath grew  raw and ragged  as the  winter’s wind did moan

And he stood there yearning, hoping - but still he was alone.

And far away in her chamber ,his pampered lover lay

She thought of him there waiting and then of yesterday

Of promises she gave to him and plans that they had made

Of thrilling days that they had spent in that forest glade. 

But she was born to luxury and with his love she’d toyed

 no scruples and uncaring, his hope she’d now destroyed

‘You’re not here, he whispered  and never will you be

And now you’ll never know my love what you have done to me.’

And so he left their meeting place  and walked until the dawn

The river deep it beckoned him his reasoning was torn

He looked around and shouted loud  ‘I knew she’d not meet  me

So  now I won’t be there for her and never more will be..

Hardly a ripple showed there on the river’s deep dark sheen

Not a trace to show just where his last  life’s breaths had been

That is except the footprints ,there etched upon the snow

That started in the forest’s glade with no-where else to go.



No don’t look back you have travelled on your road

Facing things so terrible and born a heavy load

That is in the past now the future’s looking bright

and the goal you set yourself is coming into sight

So don’t look back leave that all behind

a lovely future waits for you one that’s good and kind

Then soon I hope you will forget the pains you had to bear

Don’t look back, look forward and soon you will be there.



Chrysanthemum you are such a proud and showy bloom

When your curly  head shows us that autumn is here

In yellows bronze purples white and reds

Your flowers  are held  most dear

Your brighten any room

And often are seen in bright bouquets

Daisy like in sprays

Or  in pots we  gaze

And winter comes  your flowers remain

To cheer us up on cold damp days

You symbolize fidelity, optimism

 long life, joy and love so loyal

Amongst other flowers you  are royal.

Only the Rose surpasses you

The favourites of the world, you two.


Eh  Doctor I’m proper fed up now.’

Said Fred as he sat down

And on the doctors face appeared

A very worried frown

‘Oh dear it does look nasty.;

He said as he peered close

‘The tablets I prescribed for you

Did you take the proper dose?’

Fred just grunted looking pained

As he shifted in his chair

‘It keeps on getting bigger doc

Folks have begun to stare.’

‘Oh dear,’ the doctor murmured

As he gave a nervous cough

‘There’s only one thing left to do.’

So the doctor chopped it off




Give me the child until he is seven

And I will show you the man

But if the father is wicked

And has been since he began

And if the mother’s a simple soul

That can teach the child nothing at all

What hope has the child when he is full grown?

For he never will stand tall


If just his mother had nurtured him

He might have turned out alright

But the badness instilled from the other

From the start filled his life with blight.

And loneliness always will be his life

He’ll fill all the good folk with fear

With badness corrupting his soul, poor man

All others will simple steer clear


Like a bird on the branch so lonesome

He’ll sing but no-one will hear



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