On Pebbly beach and sandy shore
He walked with head bent low
The waters edge lapped round his feet
He didn’t even know
Tears ran down his aged face
His anguish hard to bear
All alone for ever more
No one now to care
How long he walked he didn’t mind
As deep in thought he trod
At last so weary he sank down
And put his trust in God
On pebbly beach and sandy shore
They found him lying there
No more tears a gentle smile
Now gone his deep despair




Do not mourn or shed your tears for me

 Know that I am happy now and free from pain

Each morning as you start a brand new day

Endeavour now to live your life again

Every task that comes your way, be brave

And gather happiness where ere you may

Memories deep in your heart you’ll save

So don’t look back nor wish your life away

Believe that you can rise above your sorrow

And know dear that what ere you do

Next year, next month, today, even tomorrow

                                               I promise I’ll forever be with you 




In the coolness of the evening

When my day is done

And I sit in my garden

And watch the setting sun

And reminisce how long ago

You were here with me

The two of us together

for then we could not see

how life swiftly changes

and just how in an flash

the things we took for granted

simply crumbled into ash.

In the coolness of the evening

Oh that you were here

To talk again the way we did

Of things we held so dear.

In daytime I can cope you see

I know life must go on

But when the eventide draws in

Then I realise you’ve gone.







I heard you call as on a gentle breeze

As tears ran down my cheeks and yet unheeded

I tried to see your lovely gentle face

And wished that I could tell, t’was you I needed


I heard you sigh as on a gentle breeze

I knew that you would try with me to be

Yet that is only granted to a few

The gifted ones who tell me they can see


I heard you cry as on a gentle breeze

We sadly parted you went on ahead

I tried so hard to keep you safe with me

Would not succumb to thoughts so filled with dread


When my time comes and when you come for me

As on a gentle breeze we’ll both be free





Weep not for me my love, please dry your eyes

Simply remember when our love was born

Like gentle rain that fell upon the earth

And joyful birdsong, greeted each new morn


The setting of the sun the night-times cloak

The way you looked when gazing in my eyes

The vows we made to one another then

Ah. I remember well your gentle sighs.


Suddenly, I was called to that dark place

Before my time so unexpected too.

Our plans disintegrated in a flash

We both knew  I’d not return to you


And now I’m here so full of joy it’s true

Eternally my love I’ll wait for you.





I still recall the day you went away

Into your own dark world I could not reach

You started on that journey day by day

And yet your lovely eyes seemed to beseech


Do not leave me alone I’m so afraid

And I was helpless though so hard I tried

To go with you so you would have my strength

And all my love to keep you by my side


I watched so sad as you were in your daze

Drawn into dark recesses of your mind

And bewildered you silently would gaze

When words you sought to say you could not find


Long years of suffering now in the past

       We all gave thanks when you found peace at last



My love you've nearly reached your journey's end

And you may find some peace at last when there

My husband lover and my true best friend

Your suffering’s been too much for you to bear

And when you leave I know full well you must

I’ll just remember all our happy days

When you were strong my love and so robust

With smiling face and all your gentle ways

I never will forget the years we had

When life stretched out with hope and future bright

Now plans we made just mock and make me sad

But oh my love, how hard you’ve tried to fight

You must have had in lucid moments, fears.

Yet hoping that a cure was still to be

But mostly in your long and lonely years

You did not know just who you were, or me

Now blessed peace at last my love your pain is wiped away

For yes my darling you have reached your journeys end today.





I had one moment in time,

that will always stay in my heart

The time when we had to say goodbye

The time when we had to part

And that one moment in time,

Altered the whole of my life

No more could I be your ‘little love,’

No more could I be your wife

We had one moment in time

When the bottom dropped out of our world

And you never realised at all my love

What horrors would now be unfurled

And that one moment in time

I wished I had never known

For how can you bear

to see someone you love

Being left there, all on his own?

So that one moment in time

I’ve tried so hard to forget

And although my life is happy again

Those memories are lingering yet.




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