Imagine being successful and a kind and loving man
Imagine always sharing jokes and helping when you can
Imagine being in business and amassing lots of wealth
Imagine when your family starts worrying about your health

Imagine how it feels when your judgment does decline
Imagine not remembering, just forgetting all the time
Imagine sitting thinking what’s happening to me
Imagine being frightened when the answers you can’t see

Imagine what it must be like to slowly lose your mind
Imagine those around you, pretending to be blind
Imagine they are trying hard not wanting to believe
Imagine your deterioration and trying not to grieve

Imagine just not knowing where, or even who you are
Imagine forgetting how to drive, when you get into your car
Imagine when you don’t recognise, all your loved ones faces
Imagine when your memories gone not leaving any traces

Imagine how it feels when you don’t know how to dress
Imagine the bewilderment and the terrible distress
Imagine how your family feels because your minds not there
Imagine life for months on end just sitting in a chair

Imagine when we realise we really have lost you
Imagine sitting on your own, not knowing what to do
Imagine when the end comes its such a great relief
Imagine you are happy now, that is our belief

I've reached my journeys end yet with a smile
And soon my shell will be but dust to dust
And though I know my going brings such grief
Mourn only for a short time if you must
But know my soul is now so full of joy
Free from the shackles of my pain
My very essence in a better place
There I will bide till all shall meet again
My happy spirit soars, alive and free
I am the one I was, will always be





Do not leave me my darling.
Look at me and smile
and stroke my face.
Look as though you remember me,
a split second of awakening in your eyes

Speak to me just say you love me
and call me 'your darling' once again.
Sit with me and let me hold your hand
Please God, let this be a day when you smile
and stay with me, and understand - a little

No, do not get up and walk away
without a backward glance
leaving me alone with my memories.
Not realising that I've even been there
Loving you - Always

Please - let there be
somewhere in the depths of your mind
A fragment of thought that you do remember me
and love me still.

                                                                           As I love you.




 I’m so weary my darling, his eyes seem to say,

As he sighed looking sad, and so full of strife,

I’m so weary and tired, I don’t want to go on,

What is keeping me here in this life?


He ne’er would have thought that he’d end up like this

Like a babe to be washed, changed and fed,

How he’d pray, if he could, to God up above,

He could die peacefully there, in his bed.


For his life has no meaning, days months or years,

There’s not a thought he can keep in his brain,

Enlightenment glimmers, just a second or two,

Then it’s simply switched off once again.


What a torment for him, lonely days, endless nights

And it’s sometimes too much to bear,

How he’d pray, if he could, that God up above,

Would just gather him into his care.


Then we all could remember how he used to be,

Strong and loving, and so full of vim,

I’m so weary my darling, his eyes seem to say,

As they simply gaze through me, and softly go dim.



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