She pulled a shapeless garment o’er her head

And left whilst other folks were still a-bed

Head bent low she shuffled down the street

Not a lover she was going to meet

No, she had other plans inside her head

To be done whilst others were a-bed


Coming to a shack upon the hill

All around the morning air was still

She went inside and lay upon the ground

Gritting teeth she scarcely made a sound

She writhed about in silence then until

The morning air no longer it was still


And she brought forth a tiny new born life

Even though she was nobody’s wife

And wrapping it in blankets she had brought

Now another place she quickly sought

She knew that soon the gossip would run rife

Because she was alas nobody’s wife


She took her babe and left it at the door

Of the church which welcomed her no more

Hoping that someone would now be kind

She left her precious bundle now behind

Returning whence she came her heart so sore

Left church which welcomed her no more




 The  Last Present.


Out in the wilds such a long time ago

A poor but close family dwelt

in a lone stone house, at the foot of a hill

and the chills of winter were felt


All through the house, it was draughty and cold.

In the hearth burned a meagre fire.

And poor old mum did her best to feed

All the family for t’was her desire


To keep them all happy and safe from harm.

Loved and nurtured by her and dad

He was a woodman and he worked to see

that the good times outweighed the bad.


But this is not why I tell you my tale

For I wanted to tell you about

Their Christmas’s which were so full of fun

love and laughter without any doubt.


Mum with her knitting made woollies for all

The children designed picture cards.

They made decorations to hang on the tree,

And even though those times were hard


They were happy just being together

No squabbling or nastiness seen

But the youngest child Tom, he wanted a horse

And so just picture this scene.


Dad went to the shed almost every night

And he carved such a beautiful horse

On Christmas morning there were cries of delight

from all of the children of course.


‘A wooden horse I’ve got a horse,’

 Little Tom so joyful did cry

And nobody knew that by yuletide next year

Their poor little Tommy would die.


And now on his grave at the crest of the hill

With a headstone carved by his dad

The  wooden horse stands there stark and alone

The best and last present that Tom ever had.





She bore it all for many years for the children’s sake

Feeling that her duty was to stay

Putting up with nastiness and never had a break

Her misery was evident all she could do was pray


Her children grew and soon left home, you must too they said

But she felt too old and worn to heed their views

You must get on with your lives be happy loves, she said

Soon the way that I must go, I’ll choose


She told him I have had enough, its more than I can bear

He sneered and carried on with his own life

Never saw the desperation etched upon her face

She was just a chattel there…his wife


Something snapped one night when he was out

She said I’ve had enough I can’t go on

She took the sleeping draught that she had hoarded carefully

And very soon the life in her was gone


He saw her there and felt remorse he’d never thought of this

He realised at last what he had done

He started thinking back, to when they first had met

Remembering her beauty and her sense of fun



Too late the sudden dawning of his senses

So sad that love nor pity came before

And as the starkness of his memory advances

Sadly all that ever was…….can be no more.




                                                                                                        A bunch of wild flowers for you my love

This morn I gathered them with you in mind

And would’st that I could place them in your hands

And take back all life’s hurts that were unkind


Just tell you that your dreams were not in vain

For all the times you toiled and wept for me

The anguish that I caused, and yes, the pain

Oh how I wish that somehow you could see


Just how your memory is kept alive

By the little children that came after

I know full well without your loving care

My life now, would not be filled with laughter


So tears I shed of sadness and regret

I place them on your grave, I’ll ne’er forget




He said he wouldn’t see me any more

He told me he was tired of all my charms

He shouted at me as he reached my door

And spurned my kisses and my loving arms


‘Just don’t start crying, stop,’ he said to me

‘You knew this couldn’t last much longer now

You should have spotted signs, could you not see?

My love has gone for you don’t ask me how.’


I felt so numb I thought he was so cruel

For I had given of my all to him

Yet I had never railed against his rule

The signs I had not seen, although not dim


I let him go, my feelings I did hide

Outside I laughed but inwardly I cried


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